View Full Version : Your thoughts on Revenge Mode

02-19-2017, 05:35 AM
So what are your thoughts on revenge mode?

Its purpose ingame appears to be allowing a player who is fighting more than one opponent to have a chance.

Now, a single skilled fighter has absolutely no chance to beat 2 skilled fighters, as you might imagine, in fact, a very skilled person beating 2 average joes in a swordfight is already quite a feat.

The problem ingame arises when a person is fighting 1v1 in a balanced fight and another less skilled player comes in and tries to "help", most of the time what happens is that the person who is fighting alone now has the advantage, because the less skilled person isn't coordinating with his ally and in a 2v1 Revenge mode charges VERY quickly.

I have been on both sides of that fight already as I'm very sure most of you have, and honestly, it's rather frustrating, no matter in which side you are (When it is 4 people trying to kill a hero that can block on all sides this is just outright insane, I'm sure you've seen it).

On one side, this encourages players to allow other players to just 1v1 their opponents, which is good.

On another side, on Dominion this allows a single player to most of the time simply lock a capture point at either neutral or his side for a very long period of time.

I'd suggest putting realism aside because I understand the "necessity" (not really, but people already ***** about xv1s with Revenge mode in the game, can you even imagine what it would be without it) of it for gameplay reasons and because everyone knows that Revenge mode is one of the few things ingame that is outright magic.

I would like to see Revenge mode gain a cooldown, even if it meant that it had to last longer or even be more powerful.

What are your thoughts on this "issue" of revenge mode.

Do keep in mind that this is only a problem in modes where gear works (mainly revenge charge on defense to be honest) and mostly on Dominion.