View Full Version : Does For Honor Get Boring?

02-19-2017, 03:20 AM
Long story short, I'm considering to buy the game.

But mainly I am concerned about how long the gameplay will be fun, before going stale and boring.

So I want everyone to view this from a purely GAMEPLAY perspective. No talk about connectivity, payments, etc.

So from you players, do you find that eventually, the "repetitive gameplay" is something that will dry out? I'm worried that the same mechanics ie. blocking, attacking, same moves will become just too repetitive and therefore boring to do again.

02-19-2017, 04:01 AM
I wouldnt think so, if they get the mechanics working as well as they were in beta, this will be a fighting game again.

I can play fighting games, good ones, for years and years without getting bored because you will always find a challenging opponent, and that is what makes fighting games great. You can know all the moves, all the counters, but you never know how another player may try to use them on you.

But right now, this game does not have the required responsiveness of a fighting game, once that is fixed it will be golden.

02-19-2017, 04:01 AM
The main thing for me is levelling up 12 different characters, getting the gear for them and learning their moves.
Say you spend a week on each character, that's 3 months right there.
That's my plan anyway, have already got one character up pretty high, next week another one gets a turn.
The daily orders and contracts make you play all sorts of different modes vs AI and players, so if you do those it mixes things up a bit.
All in all there's enough variety for a fair while.
Then there will be DLCs with new characters.

Basically what this guy said and as for me I guess the tension you get during lets say battles.
The moment your hit connects you feel this satisfaction and in regard to when you get hit you get tensed up trying to focus and doing your best to not get hit by your opponent.