View Full Version : For Honor Ranked Clan System

02-19-2017, 02:54 AM
#1 I am not perfect at grammar or even English so please ignore the mistakes how ever I have been talking to random people about this idea and I've had only positive responses.
my idea is a clan system in For Honor, the reason I say this will be a good idea is: the developers can do more with this aspect of the game, as in clan ranking, player communication, and a chance for players to really verse people of their skill, plus not even accounting for what the developers can have up their sleeve for creative ideas.

(Add on to #1) If clans are added there can be Clan Battles where you fight other clans that are queuing and or already on a higher rep/rank.

#2 Another idea is a ranking system even though I feel like this is already in the works if will be amazing to see it once more. It worked great in Rain bow six siege and I don't see why It wouldn't here.

(Summary #1) A clan system for For Honor, with unranked and ranked types.
(Summary #2) Might be already in the works but a ranking system for players. (1v1 2v2 and Dominion)

Thank you for reading this, hopefully you agree because I know I do and many other people I have talked to do as well. Lets spread the word about anything in this article whether its clan systems, clan battles, or Ranked game types.
P.s If you do agree with some of these parts but not all make your own post and say what you want or don't want about this!