View Full Version : We realy need dedicated servers

02-18-2017, 11:43 PM
itīs time for dedicated server.... realy ASAP!
people are abusing a high ping more and more each day... itīs already getting out of hand on pc (especially in the lobbies higher than Rep 2+).
Exactly the same happened in rainbow6 siege... the higher the bracket, the more people abuse the highping advantage.
Now itīs happening in for honor and is even worse... people hit from different direction than they swing and the indicator shows (even recorded it and watched it frame for frame... and guess what, the indicator and swing never changed, but got hit from a different direction... or they just teleport around and sometimes dont play an animation but hit you).
Some people even abuse it so much, as soon they get hit realy hard they lagg the entire lobby to force a 3 seconds rollback.... it feels like "Prince of Persia - The sands of time/warrior within".

Please ubisoft.... give us dedicated servers, i think most people would buy a lot of cosmetics like in rainbow6 siege if you do it, so you can pay the servers easily and we, the community, can finally have some great fun fights.