View Full Version : Crap Servers, Crap Balance, Crap Match Making....

02-18-2017, 11:35 PM
Played in Beta, had high hopes for the game. My sons and I play it but sadly, it is near impossible. Loaded into a massive trainwreck of a game earlier today, took a pic of it, ended 1240 to 40. Talked with several of the opposing team players, even they admitted it was a trainwreck. Nothing like loading into a loss, which is why I put no value onto WR in this game, it is meaningless.

Connectivity, cant count how many games I have had dropped or interrupted due to connectivity issues with UBI servers, the lag and reconnecting and drops is asinine. Cant believe they would release a game with major connection issues.

Balance, there is none really. Of course there is no such thing as actual balance in any game, to many variables, but cmon, surely Ubi can do better than blatant OP classes.

Match Making.... just wow. I have been in matches with one side all double with the other sided single number levels. Talk about a massacre. Should be some form of level stated match making to balance that part out at least.

There are player issues of course, the tossing people into a hole for the easy win (cheap tactic), the gank squads and such but there is little Ubi can do on that, just part of the beast. The areas they can fix, connectivity, balance and matchmaking, should be a priority with the first patch.....

Dont get me wrong, I enjoy the game and think it has potential, I just see some glaring issues that must be corrected and soon.

As a side note.... Is it necessary to have the Image Verification garbage on each and every post????