View Full Version : Truck simulator ?

02-18-2017, 11:12 PM
Well, I might be asking a lot to ubisoft, but I.. have the feeling to drive a ****ing 30 tones truck when i'm playing.

There is so much things just so slow, not responding fast enought, actions that are not supposed to happen, like free GB during a dodge, blocking a attack which result in a full hit, counte GB not working, delay with ****ty servers ... I mean FOR HONOR is litteraly a tekken / street fighter medieval game, where YOU NEED to have fast reaction, fast game, fast move (even if its ,not really realistic)
We all already played games where we needed to be mega fast, etc, And when I play for honor, I feel like yea, i'm driving a truck with 2 legs :D

Is that your case too ?