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02-18-2017, 09:26 PM
Hi guys! I'm trying to main Warden but there are some that I'm having a lot of trouble fighting.

She's always out of reach and I don't know how to close the distance. Tried the sprinting + heavy for the running slash. Tried sprinting then rolling straight forward to avoid the first attack. Tried creeping closer and blocking everything. None has worked. Only thing I've had success with is getting an inexperienced player stuck against a wall.

Oroshi + Berserker
They're basically the same problem. They rush in, spam light attacks til out of stamina and then run away - or dash away. I can't interrupt their attacks because they attack faster then me. Tried blocking all their attacks til they're out of stamina but then I can't chase them once they dash out of reach. And I can't guard break as long as they're attacking. Sometimes I manage to land a light if they try to guard break. Otherwise the only thing that really works is the area attack but it takes half my stamina - so it's risky.

Generally I thought maybe I should work on my parry and crushing top counter attack? But I'm having a hard time with the timing...

Need all the advice I can get ^^

Special4ces Dom
02-18-2017, 09:49 PM
I'm not sure how much you will be able to follow my advice but I do hope some things are helpful to you. There are also character tutorial videos for you to follow that specifically teach you how to play as Warden and will tell you things you probably did not know.

To close the distance press both light and heavy at same time, you will lunge forward and slash quickly.

Learn to block and parry attacks as you close in. And do master that parry counter attack. It is devastating. Parrying a Berserker is single best way to end their combo spamming.

Try using a High attack (which is Wardens fastest attack) then pressing square immediately for a shoulder charge then pressing light attack TWICE really fast to the right or left for the Wardens guaranteed 2 hit slash combo. Wonderful bread and butter combo.

If someone is constantly dodging your shoulder charge then press square while your shoulder charge is charging. It should cancel into a guard break that will hit anyone regardless of dodge.

Try dodging High attacks until you learn how to parry them. Dodging can be just as punishing if you press square to shoulder charge immediately. After the shoulder charge lands then you are free to combo them up into all sorts of slash/shoulder charge/guard break mix-ups you want.