View Full Version : Error 0006000037 ?!

02-18-2017, 07:43 PM

So i did everything and tried everything to fix this, all i can say its not the users etc wich are the Problems for that Error, since today i get that error in nearly every 4v4 match i play.

I didnt payed 90 to get a broken game like this. Really i love that game but the in game disconnects nearly every single match are destroying the game experience totaly....

FIX plox !!111 kkthxbye

02-18-2017, 07:48 PM

This game lives and dies on bugs like this. We need a hot fix asap.

02-18-2017, 08:03 PM
exact same issue even when a buddy and me go to play campaign on 2.5 we get past the first objective and then it kicks us out......like seriously we can't even play campaign......its so broken im getting way to annoyed with it