View Full Version : So what about the MD Templar from AC Rogue?

02-18-2017, 07:09 PM
hello there :p

let's get to the point.

for those that played roque know that it is a flawed game at best.
but there was a rather intresting part of the ending in the MD part.

the nameless character or "you" becomes a templar (well is more forced into the ranks) by otso.

however that aspect of the story never carried over to unity and syndicate.

would it be a good idea in the minds of fellow players to bring him/her back and give the person a actuall identity?

it wouldn't be to far streched since the multiplayer character from brotherhood turned out to become a full fledged charachter himself.

it's just a shame that the 1 intresting aspect of that game seems to be left out.

(also ubi feel free to bring back melany in person)

with the next ac having a complete overhaul it would be the best time for connecting some loose dots.

02-22-2017, 03:13 PM
It's possible, Though, I think the true point of that scene was to show that LeMay, Berg, and what's-her-face are actually pretty old school Templars and not just Abstergo Entertainment employees. Technically, we don't see the protagonist join the Templars- so while it'd be cool to have them reappear as a more fleshed out character, it's also totally possible that he refused to join and was killed by Berg.

02-22-2017, 04:09 PM
I would actually not be against having that character turn out to have turned to the Assassins and be playing a spy after all that he has seen at Abstergo. Now it goes without saying that if we play him in the next game, I would want for him to be given a name, backstory and appearance - maybe even character customization which so many on here seem to want- and to play at least a few third-person mission in Modern Day.