View Full Version : Net Code needs work (vid inside)

02-18-2017, 04:12 PM
So I me and my friend love this game and play it after work almost every night sense release. One thing that we have noticed is when we spar each other that in intresting lag started to appear. I have a gaming laptop so I can only use his wifi when I play at his house. Watching the to screens at the same time you can notice a considerable amount of lag between the two games. After researching more I found an interesting video from a youtuber who tests how games handle networking. In this video he shows the exact same thing me and my friend have found.

Short summary for those who do not want to watch

For Honor uses a clientless network (no one player is a dedicated client instead all players are acting as server with one handling pings and handshakes)

For Honor shows some of the worst latency of all games released in the last year such as COD, Battlefield and Overwatch averaging around 120ms on an even test bench (same PC's wired internet)

Engaging players with different pings will cause noticeable differences (each player is a server with his own ping so each player in say dominion will have a different latency hit registration for every new player)

All these add up to one thing lots of lag and bad hit registration so It may not be just a matter of skill when a player is able seemingly hit through your blocks or when someone goes through your GB right after you press it. Also I do believe that Wifi is not a good idea with this game at all and would assume you can tack on quite a bit of extra latency when utilizing it. Also I am not sure if this game uses any type of dedicated lag prediction software as I am not sure how it would be implemented with out a dedicated host or a dedicated server.

Also another note is that consoles should be on a better standing then PC's because of same hardware however, wired vs wireless will still play a part as well as ISP.