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02-18-2017, 01:32 PM
I want to give a feedback about the menues and the "flow" in the game, because, even after a while getting used to it, it is still very inconvinient to browse through the game menues or perform actions. The current existing errors add to the problem.


Game is done. The listing of gained XP and loot begins. You have to click yourself through it until you can further perform any actions like ready up or löeave the session. You can press the space bar 5 times, BUT at the sixth time you enter some loot item menu. Entering this menu prevents you from clicking or performing actions again until you hit esc. For the next part you have to change the menu item to "next game" to ready up or other actions. These clicking through after a session in totally un nessesary in my eyes and adds only to the inconvinience of this games menu.

If there are not enough players in the group you get thrown into the battlemap AND your group gets disbanded! Why do we have to form our group again, especially if forming a group is a great inconvinience through the menues by itself! Also, if there are not enough players for the next game in a session, but one does not ready up, you wait the full time until you get thrown out of the session. This means you have to accually observ it yourself, then manually decide to leave the session if you dont want to wait the full time and this leads to you not beeing able to browse or customize between the games. This is badly designed here, and i really hope it will be improved.

If you join the MM queue and there is an error (match is full e.g.), you get thrown out to the main menu. That means you click muliplayer -> find the game mode on the map and click it -> make adjustments like 2v2 brawl -> start the queue again. This is really annyoing in combination with the frequent errors. Quickmatch on main menu only brings me to dominion queue (maybe i dont know how to use it correctly or make settings for that).

Why are there no seperated buttons for allchat, teamchat and groupchat? I type some message, only to see i wrote in teamchat or vice versa. It really stops the flow of the communication in the game, since you have to put some attention into hitting tab the right ammount of times and remember in what mode you are, or hit the chat button and take a second to look at it.

Versus a bot, you cannot access the Heros videos. You cannot switch heroes versus a bot, you have to quit the practice and restart it.

These are some major critique items that come to my mind, but all in all i just want to say that the menues are generally just counter-intuitive and overly inconvinient. Otherwise i love the game even with its flaws.

02-18-2017, 01:35 PM
Pro tip: Get a xbox/ps4 controller.

02-18-2017, 01:35 PM
no thanks