View Full Version : Lagswitchers/Wlan/Packetloss - Bad connection players are an complete annoyance!

02-18-2017, 08:33 AM
So ive been in a dominion match and ive been lucky since right now, ive never seen some1 from release on that is either lagswitching/cheating, using Wlan or whatever sort of terrible connection abuse.
But right now ive found a player that was scratching from time to time the yellow ping bars, the result of his massive laggyness was, that he started teleporting when dodging and lightattacking sidewards, his attacks has had greatly reduced timewindows to guard them, parry? IMPOSSIBLE! On top of that he was that much lagging, that he has had tracking towards players, that you usually get when some1 is turning his back to you.

Im really not a fan of flaming, or at least i try to do not - but when i see this i wanna flip my table, flame this game, flame the support and flame the devs - THIS is completly ruining my fun.
Ive only seen it one time since release like i said, but this makes me straight up rage, i seriously wanted to flame this guy to death, honestly - my chat is turned off wich is a really good thing, so this cant happen.

SOMETHING has to be done about the laggers and terrible connection players, either this game kicks people straight up out if they have <1% Packetloss, or they should get kicked for having Ping <70 / not even get matched with others having low pings - there should be nobody with even a yellow ping, if this game does react like it currently does.
If you go peer 2 peer, this game has to have strict rules when some1 should be kicked out, to prevent laggers abusing the P2P, hence ruining good connection players entire game fun - no matter what and if you dont wanna kick laggers out, then you HAVE TO go with dedicated servers, so there is more tolerance for pings.

best regards, the reason why everyone hates lag 2 lag.

02-18-2017, 08:53 AM
My biggest issue with the P2P is when people join/leave multiple times and it ruins the game for the other 7 people in the match. Like when Elimination turns into skirmish but everyones orders they are trying to complete are for elimination. Players leave. Someone comes in, see's its not actually elimination like they wanted but skirmish, then that person leaves, when that person leaves it causes a lag spike and Joe Blow on the other team gets dropped from the game.Now that he is no longer in the game the p2p has to find a new path causing more lag and someone else drops or freezes up. Its just a never ending loop. We need dedicated servers. If it is going to be some time (2 weeks or a month or whatever) there needs to be some sort of punishment for exiting a game for no reason. Say a 5 minute wait. Something to discourage people from doing this and interrupting everyone elses gameplay. In 1 skirmish match i was in today 1 guy came and left 3 times. No idea how the luck of the draw happened that way but it ended up freezing my game and booting me. We need dedicated servers. Use the extra money your getting off the stupid sale of steel that should not be in an $80 game. And until we get dedicated servers put something into effect to discourage people from messing up other peoples gaming experience just because they dont want to play a 5-10 minute skirmish game.