View Full Version : Regarding Dodge (not a nerf dodge post)

02-18-2017, 06:59 AM
I am curious to see if any other players have had issues when dodging and inputting a direction I.E. either pressing dodge left (a) or right (d) and instead the dodge goes backwards (and this is not when there is an obstacle in the way preventing movement to that side) , or pressing S to dodge backwards and being moved to the left or right. I have played on keyboard and mouse and on an xbox elite controller and it tends to happen in both cases. It happens in online duels and it also happens in story mode or practice so it could not be just a P2P issue if it happens in story mode because it is based off of my own connectivity which is fine. I could possibly get some footage of this happening if i thought it would accomplish anything, but before doing so I just thought i would ask if others have noticed this problem and what they are playing on (pc,xbox,ps4) and if on pc if they are playing on kb&m or pad and what pad. This way we may be able to find out a possible cause of the issue.

Dodging is very important for deflects, albeit deflect is only useful in some situations as I find to be parrying way more exploitable for punishes but it would be nice to know that when I do dodge to do a deflect on Orochi or Peacekeeper that I will be going in the right direction to pull off a deflect and maybe do one of those counter moves when needed instead of having to avoid dodging into the direction of the attack all together because of the fact that I just can't trust it to be consistent and just dodge in the opposite direction instead because then i know i am at least able to avoid the damage if something does screw up for the most part. Keep in mind that I am not talking about the timing of the dodge when it comes to deflect, I know that is a tight window. I am purely talking about the wrong direction being input when you do choose to dodge to a direction.