View Full Version : For Honor, after release, seems buggier than the beta... new characters are annoying.

02-18-2017, 05:41 AM
I played the alpha with some connection issues, not too many. Same with the closed and open beta... I was able to play, and I wasn't kicked out of matches very much. Well, congrats ubisoft, because you made a game buggier after release than it was during the "beta"s. The reason why I put quotes around beta, is because they were really just demos. Since when is a beta released 2 days before the final game? That's a marketing scheme, not a way to get feedback. That is called a "demo." Anyways, in the final game, I get kicked from every single match right after it ends, so I can never play with the same people twice. I get "critical error"s constantly. What's the point in releasing a game if the servers can't even handle it?

Let's talk about the new heroes: the Shugoki, Valkyrie, and Lawbringer. The Shugoki is just broken. His attacks deal an insane amount of damage, and his guard break KNOCKS PEOPLE DOWN! The first time I ever played Shugoki, I got a 3-0 win without taking a SINGLE HIT. That should not happen. The Valkyrie is much more balanced, except for one attack: the knockdown. That attack can be spammed, essentially rendering the opponent useless and on the ground. I was in a match against a Valkyrie, and I was playing Warlord.I didn't get a single hit in because I was on the ground getting repeatedly spammed with that attack whenever I got up. The Lawbringer is the most balanced of them all. His attacks are good, but not too good, and his health is good enough for a heavy but not tanky like the Shugoki... The Lawbringer is fine. The other two are broken in some ways.

Thanks for listening, and I hope someone from Ubisoft sees this, even though they probably won't because let's get real here guys, the don't really give a **** w

02-18-2017, 07:36 AM
I think your just not used to handling a Valkyrie attack the particular attack you refer to takes setting up thus CANNOT be spammed as you say.
If you really think about it all attacks are spammed since we have so few.
Practice more against these types of enemies and you will find the best times and areas to attack them.
I don't see how crying something is broken when Valkyrie is probly the weakest of all characters helps you in trying to defeat one.
The shogoki are easily dispatched as well you need practice is all BUT ranting on a forum that things are broken because you have a difficult time fighting them DOES NOT make them broken at all