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02-18-2017, 02:31 AM
Please sticky this and change the tutorial to match:

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Guard break's can be countered. When your enemy initiates a Guard Break, a small shield icon appears on them - this is to let you know that they are trying to Guard Break you. However this shield on your enemy, and your enemies physical proximity to you at any time during their GB attack, HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH COUNTERING GUARD BREAK.

To counter guard break, you will also see, quickly after the shield that shows up on your enemy, a SHIELD ICON (RED) ALSO APPEAR ON YOUR HERO.

As soon as you see the SHIELD ICON ON YOUR HERO APPEAR, hit your GB key to counter.

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I went from posting "OMG BRKEN GB PLZ FIX", to countering humans at least 50% of the time and bots almost 90%.


02-18-2017, 02:43 AM
Except if your connection to the host is bad, the window is next to non-existant, coupled with it sometimes throwing you into games where you are looking at a second or more of delay, you cant gb due to this kind of delay. Maybe if your lucky. While you are being helpful, theres more to the issue here for so many than just this.

GreenRanger XI
02-18-2017, 02:44 AM
Parry, Guard break. Game will forever be **** until this is fixed.

02-18-2017, 02:48 AM
If you have any lag at all.... yes, you will have a 900000000x more problems with trying to hit a GB counter - especially considering a 4 v 4. The timing is MUCH easier to hit when you only have a 1 v 1.

It should be opened slightly.

It doesn't change the fact that they communicated this in a HORRID fashion .Literally their tutorial doesn't know what it is talking about when it comes to GB.

Parry, Guard break. Game will forever be **** until this is fixed.

110% unblockable GB after parry is stupid as well.

I don't want to de-rail the thread.....

I really think people just need some better understanding of the mechanic so we can have a good discussion.