View Full Version : Difference between console and PC version

02-18-2017, 01:58 AM
So, I've been playing a bit of the game (Obviously) on PC. I quite like it, the game is pretty fun, though it can be very frustrating at times. My brother has also got it for the Xbox one, so I decided to play a bit in order to play with my friends.

How on earth does anyone stand using a controller? The controls are utter jank compared to K+M, it takes so long to turn around, the buttons are weirdly spaced and far apart and on top of all that you can't even re-bind anything? I usually play Nobushi, and her hidden stance is basically worthless on console! You can't hide what direction your attack is coming from, all it does is consume stamina and stop you from blocking attacks.
The basic keybindings of C (Hidden/Defensive stance) and Alt (Switch targets) have no equivalent on console.

It's a huge difference in quality between the two different versions.