View Full Version : An Honest Opinion on Orochi (Trigger Warning: OPINIONS AHEAD)

02-18-2017, 01:35 AM
After playing Shugoki(18), Nobushi(22), and Warden(7) and the occasional Raider(6) for a while in 1v1 duels (vs players, not bots) I gave Orochi a shot.

It definitely feels like a much lower skillcap, even lower than Nobushi definitely. I was wiping opponents, even those of prestige classes and whatnot with little to no input on my behalf. I can see the fun in that for some but holy crap I can see where the complaints come from. The majority of it was just side-stepping and left clicking, spam guard break and get an overhead. Out of eight games total I've only had 1 ROUND lost.

I'm not claiming this as being an excessive sample size but still, I wasn't expecting this low of a skillcap. It feels outright dirty to play as, and feels like I'm not giving the opponent the chance to actually make an attempt to play.

I also won't claim that the class is overpowering since I've yet to play it enough to make that decision, but god damn its the definition of 'no fun allowed' for ones opponent. Especially given that some of the guard breaks appear to either be un-counterable or have a ridiculously different counter-frame on them than other character's do.