View Full Version : SEPARATED BY REGION | Best solution at the moment.

02-18-2017, 12:47 AM
Hello everyone!

Clearly we are all tired, disillusioned and annoyed for these various disconnection errors ,but at this moment for Ubi, if you do not want to invest in dedicated servers for whatever reason, the best thing you can do is to separate us by regions.

I give you the example of Blizzard;
Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3, when they had just started, had these serious problems of disconnection, until they decided to separate us by continents and was the best that could have happened; PROBLEM SOLVED!!.... I have no idea if implemented on dedicated server, but what if it is that at that time had the P2P system, which was a real disgust at that time.

So that, maybe Ubi, they already thought about this, or maybe not, but we would all be happy if they could do that.

Greetings from South America; Chile. Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, etc ...