View Full Version : Matchmaking when the lobby isnt complete.

02-17-2017, 09:34 PM
I am pretty sure everyone was in this situation at least once. You played one round and you stayed in the lobby but 2 players which were in your team prior leave. Now in a normal Multiplayer Lobby, the amount of Real Players and AI's would be evened out among the teams, what would mean that in a Deathmatch you would have 3 players and 1 bot on each side. But in For Honor, the game puts into one team 4 players and into the other one 2 players. Those bots are Level 2 so they are not that easy to beat although you can abuse Guard Breaks on them since they rarely counter them(at least that is my experience). So If you have 4 Players who know what they are doing vs 2 of similar skill WITH 2 bots on the Team, chances are those 2 are going to loose.
It sometimes happens that the 2 players actually win, but in reality, the 4 player team would win more often. I just don't understand why the teams can't be equaled out so the Odds aren't in anyone's favor.

PS: Anyone ever noticed that Rage does not always knock enemies back? Ok if it's a Ubibug or there is some way to not get knocked.