View Full Version : Explain The Necessity of Endless Sprint

02-17-2017, 08:23 PM
DISCLAIMER: I'm pretty terrible at this game right now.

Ok, now that we have that out of the way for all the pro trolls, can someone explain to me the gameplay decision of endless sprint? It is akin to "travel mode" in paragon(Which it is my understanding that it was removed from that game for balance reasons). I understand that slowing moving from objective/fight to objective/fight could introduce a level of tedium into the game. What I don't understand is the level sizes(specifically dominion) in conjunction with an endless and zero penalty sprint.

I think the devs should consider penalizing sprinting. Tie sprinting to the stamina bar, so that an actual decision has to be made by the player. Can my teammate survive that 1v1/2v1 if I arrive later because I'm conserving stamina? Do I sacrifice a certain amount of my stamina in order to even the odds sooner?

Another way to balance sprinting with map size would be to penalize actions after sprinting. You can arrive with full stamina, but you receive a debuff that causes actions to consume more stamina or deal/block less damage.

I'm not arguing that this would introduce a necessary amount of realism into a game that pits samurai, vikings, and knights against each other. I am arguing for a risk vs. reward element to be introduced into sprinting.

Now better players can explain to me why this would be wrong and detrimental to the game.