View Full Version : so your dying to dash attack spam.

02-17-2017, 07:37 PM
As a raider main it was really frustrating to deal with assassins and kensai who could dash attack. every time you move they would just hit you and dodge at the same time. but then you learn feinting and its easy parries all day. so i went and played all the characters who can dash attack. orochi, peacekeeper, kensei. berserker. i learned that when they dash they cant just hit an attack in the middle or at the end of the dash. they have to commit to it early on. so two ways to deal with it depending on your character. a single light attack will allow you to recover before they can land the blow. but you gotta be playing a fast character.or atleast a character with a fast light. or what i do most times and bait the dash with a feint. like i said they have to commit to it. and all but peace keeper use a light attack to do the dash attack. which means when you parry a dash light there is a bigger penalty than parrying a normal heavy. after that its just keeping in mind the dash attacks. you can even bait it with quick dashes forward. pretty easy once you stop raging and get the parry timing down.

02-17-2017, 08:41 PM
feinting is one of the things the tutorial fails to teach unfortunately, let alone feinting to lead into another move.

Yet magically all my opponents knew how to do that from my very first game onwards.