View Full Version : Lag getting worse?

02-17-2017, 06:11 PM
Does anyone else feel like the lag in the game is getting worse every day?

More and more I see enemies getting hit by attacks that I thought they dodged. More and more often my Warden does not perform his doubleslash sideattack, but rather makes two slow slashes for some reason, even though I press the button the same way every time. More and more often does he not cancel his shoulder bash, even though I press E, sometimes even right at the beginning of the animation. More and more often do attacks go through my block, though I could've sworn I made it in time.

Earlier today I was trapped in a Warden shoulder bash combo. I SPAMMED the spacebar to perform a doubledodge backwards, but it just DID NOT REGISTER.

Just two days ago I was confused why people were calling the combat "sluggish", blaming the GB change. Now I'm starting to understand - it does feel more sluggish now.
Which makes zero sense - I had these issues very rarely, if at all, during the beta. And it's P2P, so serverload cant be blamed.

Why the hell is the game getting laggier, what's going on?