View Full Version : Faction war is going to hurt the game.

02-17-2017, 03:23 PM
Did no one at Ubisoft understand how people are? No one knew they would pile onto one faction, and that the faction system is entirely based on who has the most players?
I'm supposed to help players from other factions get war assets each game? So every time I go into a match as a samurai, with 2 Vikings and a knight, I'm only helping them gain more assets?
Pretty much every map update if it says you are gaining or losing X number of territories with 5h 58m left, that's what it will do at the update. I can spend 6 hours and 10s of thousands of assets and not see a single percentage change one way or another on a territory, almost like it doesn't matter.

This needs to be fixed or a month from now people are going to be complaining that they have to wait around forever to get into a match. The faction war is supposed to be what keeps people playing the same thing over and over, and when they start to realize that their contribution is useless because it's all based on who has the larger population they're going to leave. They're going to get bored and frustrated, and they're going to leave.

It's only the point of the game, right?

02-17-2017, 03:38 PM
Supposedly faction population doesn't matter. The lower your faction population, the more War Assets you get to place.

No original source, but I did read a comment on these forums where someone said the games lead director (on some video) mentioned the population was 30% Knights, 30% Vikings, 40% Samurai.

How fun the game is, is what should keep people playing. The Faction war is just a side mini game imo

02-17-2017, 03:57 PM
How fun the game is, is what should keep people playing. The Faction war is just a side mini game imo
No, it's not; it's the entire point of the game.

It's almost like something isn't working properly because I'm not seeing changes in the territory fight over the course of the update.

Another oversight is not being able to see where the faction is actually placing assets. I should be able to see what my faction is doing on the faction map.
When they sell a box and then microtransactions, they should use some of that money to set up a chat server for each of the factions so that people can communicate.

When an update comes and it shows all of the samurai territory at 50/49 and it stays that way throughout the update round, even though you've dumped 10s of thousand of assets into a territory and never see it change, something can't be right.

How are the percentages determined for each update? Why are samurai territories with each update starting out losing? Why don't the territories appear to be going up over the course of the update period?