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02-17-2017, 01:16 PM

is there a way to remap controls on PS4? I would like to remap Guard break from square button [ ] to R3, because it is now impossible to lift thumb from right stick and press square to counter GB by pure reflex. Also, by lifting thumb of right stick to try GBC, you lose your ability to change guard and block. I tried to play For Honor on my friend's PC and I can say that I had no issues with countering GB there, but it is impossible to do it on PS4 with current control scheme.

By having GB on R3, I could react to incoming GB much faster and also would not loose control of my block direction. Currently, there is camera reset mapped to R3, which I find useless and do not use it. Problem is, I can not find any control scheme option in menus. Is it not there? Could it be added in some future update?


02-18-2017, 03:07 PM

here exactly the same. Would love to remap the buttons for guard breaking and fainting on my PS4 Controller. I would probably also choose R3 for guard breaking and L1 for fainting or vice versa. Quick Chat on Circle ... Square would be also guard break or left free. Its much much much too hard to react to guard breaks if your thumb is on the right stick. I played against a lot of Keyboard/Mouse-Players who simply kicked my *** because of the guard break timing advantage they have on Keyboard/Mouse by always having a finger on a guard break button. FeelsBadMan
Yeah, you could say: "Hey if you think Keyboard/Mouse works better or has an advantage than also use it!"
If you do, I say: "NO!" Because I love playing games with a controller.

Kind regards :)