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02-17-2017, 12:25 PM
So, I've always been the kind of guy against the DLC politics, day one buys, I've always been buying games when they get the Gold edition for 20$, so I don't feel like I get stolen. I never bought an Ubisoft game, because I knew Ubisoft was really badly known for it's despisable politics, including lots of DLCs, releasing non finished games full of bugs, so on and so on.

So when it came to For Honor, I tried the open beta. I love the theme and the performance was really good, with some disconnections and such but I decided to think that it was because the huge amount of players there were (+200000 sometimes). I also heard that all incomings DLCs were gonna be purchaseable with the in game currency, so I was like: wow, Ubisoft has really changed, the game has little bugs (had experienced none in the beta) and they will be releasing free DLCs. So I loved all of it and made the terrible mistake of buying at day 1, only to find a lot of connectivity issues, matchmaking taking forever, rollbacks, someone leaving a game and waiting the resync for 5+ mins and having to alt+f4 because it never gets synced again. So I started searching information about these problems, and I finally get to know the p2p thing.

Let me tell this to you Ubisoft, you got me once but will never get me again. How in the hell do you release an AAA game with p2p?! You obviously knew the problems this would cause, even more if the game is clearly oriented to online playing all the time, with parties of 8 people. If the game was only 1v1, I could pass it. But this? You've proven again that your greed is always disrespectful to the players. I myself am starting to lose the will to play because of the constant problems, and I can assure you that I would have refunded the game already if I could.

A really angered costumer (this time, but most likely never again).