View Full Version : Suggested new feature to keep people who play for honor and/or play to win happy!

02-17-2017, 11:48 AM
First off, this thread is mainly about dueling aka 1v1 so if people want to 1v1 in 2v2s or 4v4s, then honestly i think you are playing the wrong game mode to say the least!

Some people want to test and improve on their skill, and enjoy the intricacies of dueling that for honor offers - i get it! I enjoy the game for these reasons too!

Others just want to win, even if it means pushing their opponent off the cliff! Get quick xp and loot, then move on to the next match! I get that too!

Now the solution!

Introduce a feature where during the loading screen players flag or signal to their opponents what they are expecting or hoping to get out of the match.

You could show both players two boxes with the following titles either (option one) "This is war!I want to win using any tools I have at my disposal!" or (option two) "I want to test my mettle and prove myself!". Of course, there will be a detailed description / further information on what each option entails which i will explain later.

Now ask each player to make a choice within 5 secs. Note if one or both players do not select anything, then option one is selected by default. Importantly, both players are shown the verdict in the middle of the loading screen before the match starts.

Now, what if one or both players are dishonest by choosing option two but they want to play in a manner that option one permits? The catch with both players selecting option two is that the game mechanics change permanently until the whole match concludes. EDIT: if both players choose different options, then option one's gameplay is implemented by default i.e. basically what the game is like now

So what changes? Either one of the following will happen (depending on which is easier to program and implement from a developer point of view):

1) Any cliffs, fire or other environmental hazards become off limits. Basically, there is an "invisible wall".


2) You are immune to any environmental hazard, and if you are pushed off anything that causes you to land in an inaccessible area, then the game teleports and drops you in the middle of the map. Basically, the game picks you up and puts you somewhere else.

That's it! Easy! :P

Until then, the best and smartest thing to do is assume your opponent is going to push you off the cliff. If you play with honor, then at least you won't be vexed too much that they pushed you off the cliff. You were warned. If you only care to win, well ... nothing changes.