View Full Version : Can SEA players get into matches?

02-17-2017, 10:24 AM
With the region/continent locking implemented in open beta, how has this affected SEA players?

I live on Guam. Closed Beta, I was able to consistently get into matches in 10 seconds against players across all game types with good connectivity for both me and the other players.

When open beta was released, I was only able to find one 1v1 match. One. Out of 100,000+ players, I wasn't able to get connected to play against players at all.

With the release, it is for the most part the same sadly. I was able to get into three 1v1 matches in a span of 3 total playtime hours of pure multiplayer ONLY.

The rest of the time was searching for players. Is this intended?

02-17-2017, 11:02 AM
My queue times in Japan are fairly long outside of duels. Maybe up to 1 min for Dominion, 45 seconds for Deathmatch, and under 20 for Duels.

When I queue with my US friends and they are party lead, my queue times are almost non-existant. :(

Game just isnt popular enough to get decent queue times. What's worse, we have to queue into all regions + all skill levels, meaning when we do get a match, the skill level will be completely off balance. My duel history shows that. I have gone against players I had no business fighting against heh