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02-17-2017, 03:41 AM
1). Buffs
There's absolutely no reason a match should start with buffs immediately available. I've played several matches of elimination just to have people spawn right next to a buff, turn around to pick it up then engage their opponents with an instant advantage.

Solution? Start buffs on their cooldown instead of making them instantly available.

2). Reviving
Revives in their current state need to have some kind of regulation. Every time I ended up as the last man standing or had 3 people chase me down etc. I would kill 1 and the other would - instead of a 2v1 scenario- would break off and get the revive with basically nothing you can do about it. Obviously executions would be the answer, but when it's uneven you cant execute an opponent because you can be so easily interrupted. So pretty much as it stands any 3v1 scenario is a lost cause even with the help of revenge since you cant focus and prevent the revive without someone punching you in the back of the head.

Solution? Add a revive timer that increases every time you become incapacitated, but only resets on respawn. For example the first time you die its a 3 second wait. The second time 5, then 10, and so on. It doesn't have to be those numbers specifically, but you get the point.

3). Grabs/Guardbreaks
Right now grabs are so damned free that it's just beyond stupid. The window for you to break out of a grab is so small that you practically have to have future sight to counter it. If you're not pressing grab immediately as they touch you then it's already too late. Meanwhile the window for you to counter everything else in the game is wider and longer. It wouldn't be as bad if grabs didn't just get you any follow up for free, but they do. It's basically guaranteed damage with very little drawback.

Solution? Increase the window that allows you to escape guardbreaks/grabs. or if you're not blocking, have the window larger, or regulate it based on the distance that a specific character can grab. Some characters grab range is absurd and players just abuse and play their entire style around it just because of how free the crap is.

4). Running
Running is a viable and smart solution, but far too many players are using it as the only solution and it works literally every time. If your character doesn't have a lunge, then you're never going to catch the person.

Solution? Decrease running speed by a certain percentage when low stamina or have sprints drain your stamina bar. There's no reason any character should be able to infinitely run a freaking marathon and get away with it every time. I'm not saying running is wrong, but right now there's no way to really stop someone who does unless they're fat or unless you have a lunge, which can still be dodge rolled.

This game has potential, but there's just too much stupid crap to abuse to give you an easy advantage. Wins should be based off of skill and real tactics. Not abusable bs and cheese.

02-17-2017, 04:09 AM
Some interesting stuff, I'm against the larger counter guard-break window, good players would counter everytime.

02-17-2017, 04:20 AM
That's the point. Good players.
But good players wouldn't rely on it. They would use the entire character and mix it in. Right now the window in just too small and it's pretty much guaranteed. It requires the least effort and has the most return.