View Full Version : Unblockables (Shieldbash, Shoulderbash, Headbutts etc.) need Changes! :(

02-17-2017, 02:27 AM
So hey there, im starting more and more frequently to notice that higher level players abuse certain things and do them in chains.

Such as i.e. Warlord headbutt spamming to get his free stuff going, basicly headbutt spam is always free damage that doesnt even punish him for spamming it, sure its only little damage but every1 dies after 100 headbutts.

Then theres Warden wich seem to be the only one left, that can cancel shoulderbash into guardbreak, what that means is basicly you can either dodge OR counterguardbreak, BUT YOU CANNOT COUNTER GUARDBREAK WHILE DODGING, it is based on pure luck if you do the correct thing because reading your enemy doesnt help you if your read was wrong.
So i see alot of wardens basicly just attack into shoulderbash attack into shoulderbash and so on.

But warden isnt the only one doing that, conqueror is the next class that does the exact same, without having any punishment - shieldbash into lightattack shieldbash into lightattack and so on, while they do that the opponent also loses stamina wich is a complete overkill if you ask me.

And when things get even more funny is when you get revenge on top of that have revenge gaining gear across the boarder - that means people not only play complete defensive to build up the revenge, no, every1 also wears revenge gear so you get it within seconds!

Revenge doesnt have any downside in this game, not a single - all you can do in a 1v1 play defensive yourself till it runs out and u become revenge OR you get a guardbreak and be able to throw the revenged player down the map, but a good player can also due to the massive defensive gameplay in this game counterguardbreak in a 1on2 / 1on3 while blocking and even parrying the others at the same time.
Wich means if you gang up against a good player your only best option to get him down are shieldbashes etc. to make him stop attacking and get some hits on him.

On top of all that is that the classes called above do not only even can keep spamming, no, they also now can infinite chain you to the ground when revenge is active, everytime u get hit by that shieldbash, headbutt whatever you drop on the ground and before you are even able to recover you lay on the ground again, this ends in seriously infinite game breaking chains.

Something has to be done about all of this, all the shieldbash, headbutters etc. need punishment, it shouldnt drain the enemys stamina at all because those are way to fast and too easy to chain, also it should punish the player for spamming it.
In my opinion all these bashes are abilitys to be cautious on the environment, they only should be a thing to make use of that, so throwing people into spikes, off the map, into fire etc. they should not be there to be easy openers, that cant be countered properly, actually cant be countered at all!.

the same principle Shoguki also has, when he charges over a very small bridge, you either drop to the ground cuz u had not enough space to dodge it, or you get grabbed and may get instakilled cuz he was low health.
This is like honestly very fine by me, but in a 1on1 that forces you to fight on a bridge i.e. it should never be a thing - there are sooo many ways to get killed in this game and the sad thing is that most if it are extremly easy to do, while environment requires a functional brain so you take care about it by yourself, whenever you either get thrown -, or throw some1 else into it.

Also defense in this game needs punishment, there is healthregen for 1 bar of health, so what happens alot of times is that some people do nothing else than guard and parry, guard and parry, guard and parry - a extremly good player would be able to easily defend himself all day till the time runs out and even on a "lower" level than that it sometimes is the case already.
So if there are changes that throttle the infinite chains of spam / nerf it - then something also has to be done about the extremly defensiveness of this game.

So thats my feedback i want to leave here, you can think or discuss about it, but keep in mind only very few players are aware of this, you wont see them if they are very new to the game or mechanicly unskilled.