View Full Version : Skirmish/Elimination and my overall feedback on things.

02-17-2017, 01:35 AM

First thing! Please separate the queue for Skirmish and Elimination, this random garbage when doing orders is silly. Even with priority set to Elimination it's annoying to get Skirmish.

Second. I would love if when using controller hitting sprint while in guard mode, would break guard mode, and start sprinting like it does on keyboard. Why just why does it not? The lackluster mapping and other things to do with controls, makes me wonder if anyone working for you actually games.

I think people complaining about classes being OP this early, need to take a step back and play more, nothing has really struck me as OP. Ubisoft you should maybe pay a little less attention to the peanut gallery, as listening to them could make the game worse not better. Case in point I do not have issue with the ability to tech a guard break, either under the old or new system just took some adjusting is all.

I am not fond of the P2P implementation, but it is not going to stop me from playing. Please work on the bugs and errors though.

Lastly, I am not saying do not have a cash shop. I am just saying you could have had a different currency, and then made graphics and such purchasable with either x currency or steel, but selling steel feels a bit dishonest for a gaming company, and I should not have to explain why, it should be obvious. Unlocking feats instantly, exactly who thought that was a good idea?

sincerely, A Retired Old Fart!

P.S. What is the purpose of customizing the way we look? When we just end up in blue and orange tabard, that change the way we look.

02-18-2017, 07:41 AM
Just going to add more, since I forgot to mention it in the previous post.

Friendly damage is the bane of my existence. I'm not even saying remove it, but maybe just maybe, make any damage or disruption of a friendly hit the one responsible twice as hard. Hit a comrade in the back interrupting him, take damage and a short stun as your reward. Just something to stop the mindless garbage, and outright griefing I have seen thus far.

I just feel like maybe it would encourage people to flank, use proper spacing, and actually think about attack direction, rather then the total cluster fruit pie you see most of the time. Just tired of taking a nodachi to the back of the head and a polearm up the arse all the time, when it just is not necessary. It's like I have enough on my plate with possible interrupts from fighting out numbered. Then Joe Dip Cone comes along and thinks, (man I should really stab my comrade in the back, I am sure he would enjoy the interrupt and stagger to his block or killing blow right now)

I do not give a flip about the killing blow, take it if you want it, just do it by moving to flank, rather then something that could end in tragedy.

Rant off....sorry I needed to vent. Because I see stupid people!

03-01-2017, 09:23 PM
Just adding my sincere, Thank You! For the changes made to Skirmish and Elimination.

I'm not sure how I feel about the player numbers missing seems shady.

After having gotten used to the release version,Counter Guard Breaking feels a bit stupid easy to do now, almost like it is being dumbed-down.

I still feel like the game is overall excellent mechanics wise. No complaints about gear, revenge, or environmental kills. It all adds up to a fun game with plenty of depth to the combat. Balance is not bad, some adjustments here and there maybe, and some bug fixes perhaps. Not going to mention anything specific because I am sure you have metrics that speak for themselves.

Sure matchmaking could maybe use a tweak.

Faction War feels like it need to be fleshed out a lot. Just feel like fighting for 15 days and only last round meaning anything is sort of silly, should not the war be decided with all things taken into account. Maybe have a point system for meeting certain criteria over the duration of the war and team with most points after they are tallied wins. It just feels lackluster and like an afterthought at the moment.

*sigh* p2p nuff said. Oh yeah! Feel free to ban all those afk exploiters, they should know better.