View Full Version : OP vs UP (Bots v Bots)

02-17-2017, 01:21 AM
To look at the differences between what seem to be commonly regarded as OP or high tier vs UP or lower tier heroes, I've been pitting bots against each other to take the skill variable out.

Settings were 4v4 custom elimination with gear stats off and all bots set to level 2 (roughly average player skill). As much as possible I would kill my opponent and try to steal power ups to keep the game as level as possible. I alternated between open maps and cramped maps.


Blue: Peacekeeper, Orochi, Nobushi, Me
Orange: Lawbringer, Berserker, Conqueror, Raider

Results from ~50 rounds:

Peacekeeper: Consistently at the top of the board. The only times it seemed to lose was when it had to fight in confined spaces like in Sanctuary Gate. On the open maps, it was rare for Peacekeeper to die (~15%). It took particularly long to kill Lawbringer, but still won with regularity. Sidestep strike seemed to be its most effective attack. Peacekeeper almost always killed its first opponent.

Orochi: Like Peacekeeper, Orochi benefited tremendously from open spaces. In confined areas, especially small rooms, it died more frequently than Peacekeeper. Orochi was usually around the middle of the board. Nothing in Orochi's move set stood out as being exceptionally powerful. Orochi killed roughly half of its first opponents.

Nobushi: Results for Nobushi were a little surprising. Against the bots faster reaction times, Nobushi had very little effect. It did reasonably well against Lawbringer. It died in most rounds and was last on blue team every time, with few, if any kills.

Raider: Raider did better than I thought it would at least against Orochi and Nobushi. It managed one kill on Peacekeeper that I know of when PK dodged into a fence. Fairly consistently at the top of the board for team UP. Throws and heavy attacks were punishing. With more parries, Raider likely loses most of its capability.

Berserker: Fight could go either way against Nobushi, but against the other assassins, berserker lost most rounds. While the damage was significant when it did hit, it was too slow and was constantly interrupted. Berserker was often the first to die.

Conqueror: Beat Nobushi fairly regularly. Conqueror was roughly equal with Orochi. In most of the Peacekeeper fights that I caught, it only managed to land 2-3 hits. Conqueror tended to survive long enough to receive reinforcement or get overwhelmed.

Lawbringer: Dead last almost every match. Lawbringer was usually the last to die however. It stood its ground well, especially against Peacekeeper by constantly block shoving. Most consistent damage source was attacking opponents downed with The Long Arm. Hard to kill, but offensively, very weak.