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02-17-2017, 01:10 AM
Ubisoft has gotten soft. They release titles constantly that are not ready to be released. Games are expected to have minor bugs now and again. However, bug as follows should not be in game before release:
Constant error codes with any one in room with spiky connection.
Non equitable orders ie 1-3
Connection drop that prevents any multiplayer experience until close game and reopen
Ping related block feature
Gearing feature that pertains to level not actual advancement (not sure if rng is in proper factors)
Orders that are linked to feature unplayable due to unflavored matches
Non reward for purchasing 100 dollar bonuses (people not receiving champion status or unlock a blessing or crates)

These are some of the experiences that I personally have been delt. Understandably there are the ones that haven't received any. I'm not talking about you. This post is hopefully to shed light on the abuse the company has put on the player. Non responsive company via forums in order to let us know it will be fixed. Not keep us in the dark and hope it does. As a company it should be against the market law to sell a product this broken for this cost. 64 for game 39.99 for season pass? 100 for both. Yet the company doesn't seem to care as much once it is out. I truly hope that the people don't stand for things like this in the long run. I personally am hopeful that the game will be fixed. I'm just extremely taken back by the release of said product after 3 beta invites ie close x2 open. End rant

Keep this post top by input hopefully they will read all the issues and respond at least.