View Full Version : The Real Issues

02-17-2017, 12:41 AM
The reason why this is the first game to ever make me hurl my controller into the floor? Not even the fact that the game is hard

MATCH MAKING: You charged us 60 dollars for the same crap match making system that was in the beta. I had less issues in the beta..... that's pretty crap. I have no idea why you would opt for this obviously broken method of match making in a premium title like this. If a person is replaced AT ALL OR AT THE END OF A MATCH it kicks everyone and we get no exp and no rewards and our time is wasted. All those kills or deaths for what?

BLACK SCREEN: Twice in a row yesterday i got out of a game and my party member qued us up for Elimination again (WHICH IS ANOTHER SEPARATE ISSUE) and my screen stayed black, this is the first time i experienced this. Literally was black and I had to close the app. I spawned in the game, was fighting and running probably into a wall as i got attacked.

GETTING BOOTED FROM THE GAME AND PARTY: Why on earth you would have the party break up after getting booted because of your P2P connection is beyond me. Not only that but i have to go out of the game to accept another invite because the friend won't show up as available in the social tab.

ELIMINATION AND SKIRMISH IN THE SAME SECTION: This angered me a lot actually since in the beta i always got elimination. I want to play the game type that I want, not what you or your system wants. It should have it's own que. Not only because of the Orders for Elim but because I WANT TO PLAY IT. It's the only game mode i really like A LOT. The only other thing I play is 2v2 and 1v1 because it's moderately more fair than skirmish or dominion. Those game modes inspire no skill really.

QUE TIMES: I get a que faster in a low activity 1v1 or 2v2 than I do waiting for a high or very high activity elimination. Why? I wait for 5mins to get Elimination and get stuck into Skirmish, WHY? I don't want to waste my time or anyone elses time by being in skirmish or leaving it. Me leaving will either boot the whole team or screw a team over. Senseless.

THE ASSASSIN ARGUMENT: This is my favorite one of all, because I spent roughly 20 hrs in beta in one day to really learn my class and have fun. I picked Orochi right away because the style is awesome and i've always liked rogue types anyway. I DID IT BECAUSE, IT SAID HARD. Hard implies it will take a lot of skill to master and it's not for everyone. True enough i was prestige level 1 and could easily get wasted by a level 1 or 3. After spending countless hours learning Orochi I still get wrecked. Maybe i suck but I was doing fine in beta. I consider myself decent.

CLASS ARGUMENT: Stop acting like you know anything about the classes. How long have you played this game to determine what is trash and what isn't? Are you playing day 1 people? Have you ever actually fought a class played by someone who knows what they're doing? Clearly not since every class has the ability to klll any other class. People need to really wrap their heads around how hard this combat is. If you dodge at the wrong time or the wrong way you are dead. Idc who you are

FACTION WAR????? So i think it's obvious to me at this point almost every jumped to vikings because they all wanted a special little reward and I TRULY hope these people get punished hard for jumping factions. What's the point of kicking *** in game modes for your faction if it means nothing. Feels bad man

END THOUGHTS: The graphics are top notch, the combat is enjoyable and refreshing. However it is being almost overshadowed by some glaring issues. I still love the idea and the game in general but i sincerely hope UBISOFT That you do not follow the trend you did with Division and fix the game a year later, The game needs to be fixed now and it's not even that big of a fix. It's commons sense fixes. Idc how much data it is or what you have to do to get it done, you are a gaming company for a reason. Make better decisions because we trust you with our happiness. I feel a little let down, but at the end of the day it still has some semblance of the open beta so i can't let go