View Full Version : Warden guardbreak bugged

02-17-2017, 12:32 AM
I've noticed after the beta, often after a parry as warden, I can no longer follow up with a guardbreak. I have done multiple tests and found out that this is a problem almost exclusively for Warden. It does not effect other characters in the same way. Some times when I parry, on whichever character, they are too far away. That I know and that's fine. But with warden you get a successful guardbreak after parry about 50% of the time now. This is insanely unpredictable and makes the gaming experience for Warden bad.
From what I've heard it's character based, as in some characters will be harder to guardbreak after a parry because they passivly create a longer range after the initial parry. This is also fine, only it doesn't work like that. All characters have a 50% chance of missing the parry, apart from Lawbringer, Shugoki, Valkyire(all the new ones) and Nobushi whom which it's pretty much 100% chance that I can not follow up with a guardbreak.

Again, this makes the game unreliable and creates a frustrating and bad experience. And I strongly doubt that this was meant as a patch?? I surely hope it was not.

TD;LR: Warden can no longer guardbreak after a successful parry.

02-17-2017, 12:36 AM
Worked fine for me just now. You can miss the guard-break if you aren't close enough when you parry but the same goes for a lot of other combos.