View Full Version : Suggestion: secoung guard-break to punish over defencive player

02-16-2017, 09:36 PM
Hey guys,
since i have seen that many have my kind of problem, that at a higher level, when the enemy are able to counter guard break almost all the times, that a defensive playstyle is way more powerful, since you are safe from all damage except no blockable attacks while you opponent has to go for many attacks what makes him very vulnerable.

But on the other hand i think many of us will agree that we dont want an unpredictable guard break so fights near cliffs will end in rng, since the player will win who will luckly first land an guard break. An Guard Break who can not be countert saflely except from light attacks is just to powerful in many situations.

So here is a suggestion: establish a second kind of guard break. But unlike the first type of guard break it cant be countered except from (light) attacks. And the difference will be, that you can only use it to break the guard! not to push your opponent around or using an combo. Because lets be honest. no one of us is using the guard break to break someones guard. We use it to trough our opponents into corners, in fire or from cliffs, we bring them to fall if they dont have stamina or we make combos like the 3 dagger attack from peacekeepers. And since all this are powerful combos it is is just useful, that a guard break is hard to land, and that it needs a counter that is safe, so that a good player cant loose (or at least it is very unlikly) against a bad player by beeing thrown into a pit.

But because this guardbreak is made to be countert by good players their is no way to make something where the guard break isnt very much used for: to punish a player who is very defensive.

And with this 2nd guard break, that will not kick players in any direction but is just making a little bit of damage, lets say a half of this little health-bar sections the enemy player is forced to attack at least when you are very near to him, to prevent that the 2nd guard break will hit him.

I think this could make our experience especially in 1v1 duels way more interesting since even on high niveau all kinds of playstyles, the aggresive as well as the defensive, since you are finally able to break a guard, or force your opponent into attacking you.

What do you think? are their better solutions in your mind, do you think this 2nd guardbreak would be to op for attackers then, since you cant play safe anymore?

I just hope they change something in the 1v1 fightsystem except changing the time window of the guard break, since as i said, it can be rly frustrating if the guard break that we have is to unpredictable since every fight near the edge will lead to an light attack spam for both sides or that someone luckly guard break the opponent, but the way the guard break is now, it rly leads to "boring" turtelling duels in which noone is doing anything ( at least if neither of the opponents are are a very quick assasin/warden)