View Full Version : Ubisoft, you need to stop this online BS!

02-16-2017, 07:12 PM
First most of us got shrewed with the division and this constant online BS
and now with for honor, not even offline SP mode, come on, this is ludicrous. Why should we need 40gb on our consoles, when you make us to be online all the time?
and dont forget to force people to buy PS+ as well. Ive shelled out a ton of money on your games. This is a scam of biblical proportions, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Change your name to O.L - Soft instead. If i hear so much as an incling on that GR wildlands will demand constant OL, its bye bye, forever. Ill never buy a ubiprod ever again. Get your sh*t together people. Dont get greedy it will bite you in the a$$.

Oooh the irony, you push a game about honor, something that you clearly know little about.