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02-16-2017, 05:06 PM
will try to explain what they did and why they cant fix. this is an educated guess.

they only will respond the threads they can actually comment.if a person is saying he fwded ports and nat is open than there is nothing they can do because software is defective.

couldnt be fixed easily due to network methodology choice

so when the deadline has arrived there was nothing todo except going for production and hope for the best with a software that is not ready for production.

they cant help u. they cant fix this, its basically should've worked in a happy path environment. but world is not like this.

i think it works like this. if i could have documentation of some sort it would be better but we even dont know what is wrong clearly.
here it is ;

at lobby there is a host to arrange and notice all the clients about other clients giving their ip etc. on the game lobby, also saying how many bots will be playing and which client will handle which bot.

then ur game client is trying to connect a god damn where persons game client which is running on wifi with interferences etc. with poor bandwith.

so when u both cant communicate or communicate with packet loss or latency u drop with error 0006000037 etc.

it even doesnt need to be a bad connection. it may also just poorly choose a bad critical path of hops to destination ip. because internet works this way.

it is why u got kicked with at the very beginning of the game because it is when clients starts to communicate.
and guess what actually every other person who cant communicate with him is dropped too. its why u see all those dcs of other persons.

those all above errors may have been handled or simulated like dedicated servers do. but i dont see an implementation of this. by simulation algorithms u may see some people in bf1 running but not dying not responding but still running. when laggy persons network recovered he instantly dies because hits now registered and acknowledged with connection between client and dedicated server.
or tplayer may be timed out and dced
or even continue to play when recovered the connection at full health. whatever the algorithm implemented would work at this point.

but in this game ther is no dedicated servers but client/hosts and this cant be handled by all the client/hosts in game it should ve been one spesific client or things could get really complicated.
so they needed one client to handle these things but they might ve noticed on test this implementation would need serious processing power and may decrease this one specific clients performance so i think they did not go with this.

instead they might have thought to ignore here and hope for the happy path environment scenario.

but internet doesnt work this way clearly.

i really dont see any fix for connetction issues coming soon.. unless they implement dedicated servers which is what we all want.

so they cant say anything to threads with full info because there is really nothing they can do.

there are miracles sometimes when it works because enviroment sometimes is good.

and why are they suggesting to get the nat to open or moderate. because its needed on all p2p mechanics even with ps4 chat.

if im moderate nat and if u are strict nat we cant connect even if we are at the same isp with possible good communication between us.

dedicated servers nat is always open, so it doesnt bother u with port fwding even if u are strict it works like a charm.

btw. its bad to get nat type open actually. the good thing is being moderate. but to play this game u need open because of poor implementation. if u got moderate and i got strict we probably will both be kicked. that is why they want open nat.

open nat is not a good thing. moderate nat is what actually u want.