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02-16-2017, 08:47 AM
So looking at the map and seeing how each turn plays out, how is a faction actually supposed to reach a stronghold? After each territory phase 1 faction is labelled a "winner" by having the most and the other 2 as "losers" by having less. So both those factions then gain an asset bonus. But why? The Faction War already compensates all factions evenly by giving out assets based on faction size. The smaller the faction t he more assets they gain. If each faction is already gaining an equal portion of assets at all times, why the bonus? Why have a mechanic that punishes a faction for doing well? Is a faction supposed to never reach a stronghold? I know earlier today it came close because the Faction War was bugged and not giving out assets properly but now if you look at it both the "loser" factions gained a 60-75% lead in surrounding territories making it impossible for the last territory phase winners to push forward or even defend the territories they already won. My suggestion is to remove the asset bonus as it's not needed with the current mechanic that balances assets between the factions. Don't punish a faction for doing well and don't reward a faction for doing bad. But what does the community think? Should the current boost mechanic stay or go?

The poll came out wrong so I'll post it down here. Yes = Remove the asset boost | No = Keep the Asset boost

02-16-2017, 09:10 AM
I voted yes but wouldn't mind no. A curb stomp would lower motivation to keep playing for the people in the loosing factions, where if it seems neck and neck everyone would keep competing. Then again, if you are getting curb stomped (which my samurai faction is right now) we should probably just get over it.