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02-16-2017, 06:40 AM
So, since For Honor was first announced some years ago, I was really hyped. Even more as the first Alpha started and as I got a mail with my invite. Ever since I got invited into the Alphas, and later into the CB. I also played the OB, and ever since I think I was a quite decent player. As only the Warden was playable I averaged a K/D of about 6-8 and a Score (Dominion) of about 500-600 per game - which is at least above average I guess. In later Alphas, with more classes, I used my experience and widened it. I learned to play the Berserker, some of the Kensei, a bit of the Raider, mained the Conqueror for one weekend and finally found the Valkyrie and the Peacekeeper - and I averaged a win percentage of ~80% in all testing phases (Anticipating haters: I played these classes BEFORE people called them overpowered, I chose and played them, BEFORE threads were made, so I did not play them BECAUSE they were "OP". Plus I also handled Conqueror, Warden and Berserker quite well when they were new). Discussions to these topics might still be around, I've participated much in them, after the Valk-Nerf (which most players, even the haters thought was fine), and now in the PK Discussion. As I played, the game stability seemed to improve every time the servers went back up again. Yet, I thought that the Hosting/P2P-System was for testing purposes - and the stability of the last Beta, which felt much like a server stresstest, led me to the conclusion that it in fact WILL be serverbased.

Now, if I think of ymself as an above-average player - why do I leave?

First, Ubi ****ed up the release. Like... totally. Retail gets it 3 hours before uplay (wtf?`) and Steam even 6h later than Ubis own DRM. Okay, one can live with that, but a good release looks different. I was hyped and had nothing else to do anyway, so I could wait these 3 hours more and still enjoy the game at start.

And I did. Until I saw what they did to the Valkyrie. A class, that used to be a Hunter and Killer crippled to something defensive with some CC, slower than even a Raider with the damage of average PK hits (without bleeding) and the range of a Berserker - although using a SPEAR. Valkyrie was my main class, and I planned on maining it again now that she finally got set free again (no Idea why the 3 classes were not tested in OB... another bad decision by Ubisoft) - but in this state, she is barely a match for anyone. No matter how god she's played, an average player with any other class can beat her. Easily.

That's my first point. The second one is the Peacekeeper. I know she was too strong, and I know that bleeding needed a nerf. But having a bug in the first ours of the game, disabling the only thing that acually made the class effective in its class fantasy, and not even giving a reaction to in anywhere is just poor. That's a thing that's semi-gamebreaking for PKs on the one hand (i needed about 7 levels to find a suitable substitute, and nothing that could completely replace the loss of the bleeding) and, at least I think that, soemthing that's easily fixed with a hotfix. Especially since I think that a support team was watching the release anyway, to provide a positive experience for everyone.

The third and last point is the performance - or the lack of it. My rig is quite old - a GTX 670 is not the strongest anymore, but it led me through all the tests reliably and I did not experience stutters, framedrops or BSODs, the game ran smooth (although not on 60 but on 25ish FPS, but I'm okay with that). My internetprovider sometimes sucks, but is also reliable most of the time, so I did not have ANY problems from my side with the game. I could react and act just as I planned, trick or catch the enemy in fights, protect myself with timed counters. All of wich does not work anymore. I DO have experience in parrying. I DO have experience in Deflecting (i mained both classes that use that mechanic). I DO have experience in Guardbreaking AND Counter Guardbreaking. Nothing of these work anymore (for me), at least not as reliable as I learned to use it. This thread (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1579642-For-Honor-Preliminary-Netcode-Analysis/) partly explains why.

I've been quite active in the forums, reading and researching, and I found that I'm not the only one with these hard feelings. Some players reported, that they, too, experience the lack of reliability on their reactions, some call for a widened window to counter GB etc. Many players agree with the status of the Valk, and just as much reported the Peacekeeper's bug.

As for the Valkyrie and the connection, I have no Idea why you chose this path, Ubisoft. You made a quite okay-balanced class near unplayable, and use a connection that equals players by being as unfair as possible to everyone. That's not a good experience, and a company of your size should be able to afford servers for a game that costs 60 bucks minimum - ülus microtransactions, Season Pass and more goodies, which give you extra cash.
As for the PK, I cannot understand why there was nothing. Not a hotfix, not even a stealth fix, not even a freaking comment in any of the forums. It creates doubt if you even care ybout this community, this game at all. Right now it seems as if you built up as much hype as possible, smashed out a game that's already been finished in the first Alpha already (and not much worked on since) and only held back for years to hype even more, collect the money and enjoy the good life.

You deeply disappointed someone, who was really excited about this since the first hour, who even got his friends hyped about it (who will now hate him for making them buy the game and then leave...), and who hoped for something original and good. I was hoping you'd prove some people who called Ubisoft a company known for big fails (WatchDogs 2...) wrong, even defended this game in the discussion - only to get ambushed by you.

These are the feelings I have about this game right now. And I honestly don't care too much, if people think I'm overreacting. I've stated my point and I'm pretty sure I could consolidate it.

Sincerely, and hoping to see things, changes that might hold me in this (principally good and wonderful) game,


02-16-2017, 07:16 AM
Yep, everything said here is spot on. If I hadn't bought the game digitally I would've had a refund once I saw the state of the game.

I don't know how Ubisoft can have such trash communication skills. I mean seriously, just acknowledge and fix the problems for god sake. The PK bug was known about since the Celeb Streamer event, and they STILL launched with broken code. What the hell is wrong with them?

02-16-2017, 07:44 AM
Yea some points i can agree upon, but the game is out 2 days... relax

02-16-2017, 07:54 AM
Remember back the days you didnt care about all that and just play the game? Well good luck that time is over.

02-16-2017, 08:21 AM
Remember back the days you didnt care about all that and just play the game? Well good luck that time is over.