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02-16-2017, 06:18 AM
Well hello there stranger i appreciate you answering my cry for assistance!!:o:o

I know a lot of people say that guard-break is broken and want the time window widened. However i went and practiced against a bot in the practice duels.i managed to improve my defense substantially this way. i'm still a little stuck on the guard break timing though. so this is where the questions come in.

Question 1. What is the visual cue for the guard break? i see the red shield and i normally press the button as soon as it i notice it and i'll get it probably around 60-70 percent of the time.

Question 2. Are there times when you simply can't counter guard break even if the timing is perfect?

Question 3. Does the window for guard break start on contact, when the red shield pops up, or is it somewhere in between there? sometimes when the bot is on the edge of his guard break, i'll hit the button when the shield pops up but then i go into a guard break and get punished rather than countering it.

Question 4. Did you have a nice day?

Question 5. does the window change at all from class to class?

Sorry if i rambled a bit the drink is getting to me. I would love any answers you may have and would greatly appreciate tips and tricks if you got em. i like this game quite a bit and i'm still getting used to it but the whole guard-break mechanic is proving difficult for me so anything would help.

Thanks for reading!! sorry if the questions are stupid lol but again any help would be awesome. Fight well, Die well, Live well!! and above all have a nice night peeps.

P.S. maybe its just my imagination but it feels like the window is very inconsistent. the lvl 3 bot i've been practicing with rarely misses a CBG but it feels like a coin toss as to whether mine will work or not. i know i'll get some flak for saying this but i feel like the game would benefit from just widening the window a tad bit. cause i'm doing alright against the bot but i'm also focusing very hard on the timing and this game rarely lets you fight people 1v1 unless you duel, yet most people do the 4v4 matches and it seems really easy to guard break compared to how hard it is to counter especially in fights when you're outnumbered. a slight increase on the window would make the game friendlier i feel, anyhow i'd love to hear what people think about it. Back to practice!!!!!!

02-16-2017, 07:37 AM
Q1 the visual que is the moment your oponent touches you with their guard break animation. Ive had the most success by listening for the sound effect of them grabbing you and then countering

Q2 as far as i know the only time you cant counter a GB is briefly after you are parried

Q3 the window starts on contact

Q4 i had a pretty nice day. Quite busy though. Had to leave work early to catch a flight and barely made my connection with a 30 min layover in Detroit, but uh...

Q5 the window is the same across all classes

02-16-2017, 07:41 AM
1. I'm not sure, I rely on the animation of the character instead for timing.
2. There are, after you get parried and after you miss some attacks. Like Warden's zone attack, Valk's jump attack also most dodge attack of assassins(not 100% sure). Mostly if you get GB when your character is still recovering from attacking, you can't counter GB.
3. It's around right when you about to get grabbed and when you get grabbed. I think the key is to not spamming or press it too soon.
4. I guess.
5. Don't think so. I think sometime internet issue can affect that.