View Full Version : art of battle system details

02-16-2017, 12:04 AM
is there a web site that explains the combat system in for honor in great detail? i have been having trouble finding out some of the details. like for example:

1. are there any situations where i cannot dodge but have to use block if i wish to avoid being hit?
2. when i throw someone into a wall, can i light attack him without giving him the opportunity to block? if he can block, can he dodge?
3. when i knock down someone with a revenge parry or a revenge guard break, what are my options? can i do 2 lights, or can i do only 1 heavy before the enemy can react?
4. when somebody hits me with a light attack and wants to follow up with another light, can i dodge between the attacks or must i block it? does it make any difference if they are combo moves or not (in terms of block and dodge)?
5. how do you properly dodge a guard break? if you get hit by a light attack and than by a guard break, can you dodge in between those moves or does the guard break counter have to be used?
6. i have seen people blocking 1 or 2 hits of the triple stab guard break move from peace keeper, how do i do that?

i have plenty of questions like that and i cant seem to find a good resource that explains the details of the combat system. help would be appreciated.