View Full Version : Orochi, Beserker, Peacekeeper ridiculousness

02-15-2017, 10:56 PM
been playing since beta and one thing that has really started to annoy me is how over tuned the assassin classes are. They all have one thing in common which is breaking my will to live. They all get free damage just for defending themselves... The orochi has the parry counter thing and sidestep slashes. The peacekeeper has the deflection stabs. The beserker has sidestep hits. I know this does not make them impossible to kill but it does make it impossible to combo anything on these characters. after the first hit if you try and combo another they ALWAYS sidestep and hit you for it. This means that all the other classes either, cannot attack them if the enemy is skilled or have to come up with the most elaborate plans to fool the enemy just to get 1 hit at a time in.

I understand that other classes can also benefit from a good defence but it usually takes some ounce of skill like timing a parry or the counterstrike for wardens and it is not as simple as taking a step to the right or left in order to win.

This Thread was to highlight how assassins should not be allowed to win by simply defending themselves so lets try and leave out attacks and the likes because you can deal with most of them.

Please dont chalk this up as another rage post, after playing the game for a while at at least good skill level i think its a real balance issue. The main topic of this issue being. They all get free damage just for defending themselves...

02-15-2017, 10:58 PM
The cockroach just needs be exterminated. the other two are fine.

02-15-2017, 11:42 PM
Berserker seems pretty balanced to me but Orochi and PC are just cancer at low to mid skill level.

02-16-2017, 04:42 AM
PK has more than deflecting stabs, she also has a heavy attack on dodge that can be followed up by a stab. Her move set is incredibly rewarding. Maybe that's why I main one :D