View Full Version : Shugoki

02-15-2017, 06:02 PM
I've been playing for several hours now, trying to learn the Shugoki. I'm afraid there isn't much to learn. His lack of mobility makes him good for standing in place, taking damage while the rest of the team gets kills and evades. The traits that are intended to balance his capabilities make him far too useless. I'd be far better off picking a Raider or the Lawbringer. If the character is to be used at all in the future, I would suggest tweaking his capabilities to make him a little more agile. He is useless in deterring players. Counter-attackers (especially the Peacekeeper) make easy prey of the Shugoki. I would think a smaller, "weaker" character would need to think twice about taking on a tanky character like the Shugoki, but there's little reason for anyone to fear his attributes since he is too slow to hit and far to cumbersome to evade/dodge attacks.

Longer move-chains
More agility