View Full Version : Take the Shoguki back to the drawing board, please.

02-15-2017, 05:54 PM
The Shoguki was beeing addresed as overpowered in the closed alpha because of his mechanics.
He didn't change a bit. I'm probably not the only one who thinks that this fat idiot is broken as f*ck.

His charge move has priority over everything else. I was shield charging a Shoguki on a bridge with my Warlord, I just got pushed to the side.
Either way, with any character, it's a free won round for the Shoguki, unless you get off the bridge immediatly.
It's more or less impossible to come by his uninterruptable stance with slower characters, like the Warlord. He has two, two hit chains, which are incredible slow.
When the Shoguki winds up his heavy attack, you can get a light attack through, but you're not able to parry his attack anymore. Until his stance is active again, he just needs to be

Shoguki doesn't need to throw you. Once the gb is through, you just get bashed like a baseball and take a lot of damage. Reminding you, gb is not counterable once Shoguki has parried. Same go's for the headbutt after a confirmed light attack. He can just chain it without you having chance to dodge, pushing you back way too much.

And the demons embrace... Omg, what is wrong with you, devs? A move that can instakill the enemy when the user is low on life, restoring almost all health?
You can beat the Shoguki in every other aspect, when he lands this, it's over. And no, it's not really easy to dodge. It's wide as a truck and last time I checked, it got magneted towards me because I dodged a millisecond to early.

This guy is a joke to play against and not fun at all, even worse than all assasins combined. One wrong move, game over.

It shouldn't be like this.