View Full Version : This is why shugoki is broken

02-15-2017, 03:45 PM

at 5:59 with the current defense meta he can 100% always do stuff like this. You dont even need to be excellent at the game to pull this off. There is absolutely no recourse for the attacker in this situation.

02-15-2017, 04:06 PM
I don't think they are OP as this video makes it out to be. These people don't move to the sides. He is quite easy tbh.

02-15-2017, 04:07 PM
I haven't had an issue against him and I play a Conqueror. He's slow and easy to dodge. Yes he does a lot of damage especially if he's low health.

02-15-2017, 04:15 PM
Ya i think people need to realize that they cant react the same to each character. I normally play a conq and i can dodge those. Just get the timing to dodge to the side and you're set :). Cheers mate.

02-15-2017, 04:42 PM
I see what you guys are saying. It definitely easy to dodge but that not the problem. The fact that he can just wait and tank an attack then use this move is the problem. Recovery frames are too long for you to be able to do any type of dodge after committing to an attack. After people become quick with the timing he will be able to to this all the time.