View Full Version : The changes from open beta to release about character balancing is killing the game

02-15-2017, 12:06 PM
I'm being sincere. This game has so much potential. There are tournaments arising from many gaming communities. Especially in Korea, this game is getting so much attention that I believe this game has a potential to become the next League of Legends.

One of the reasons I think why this game was great before the release is that the game was fast-paced. Watching people playing at that level of cognitive function and focus gives me chills, because I think such hyperfunctioning minds are somewhat beautiful. I think this is why games like League of Legends, CS:GO, and Starcraft are so successful as an e-sport. I do believe that this game has a potential to be one of them.

Ubisoft's attempt for character balancing on release is killing the potency of the game quickly. They even decided not to mention it in the patch note, but they slightly paced down the combat. Every good player I know feels it. If it felt like I can't tell how high people can reach before, then now it feels like they put a ceiling right above our head. I assume that they did that to satisfy the majority of people. I'm 100% sure that is not the right solution. Maybe in the short run, it might be beneficial because the combat itself might appeal to the majority of people as a little lower difficulty. But for the long run, it will kill the potency of players, therefore the game.

People in the community I'm in are losing interest fast because they are feeling the limitation (not theirs but the game's). I encourage Ubisoft to make the right decision.

Apologies for my bad English.

02-15-2017, 12:46 PM
This sir, is 100% correct.

I can also feel, that the combat is different than before. I've played alpha and both betas, and I could almost feel when I'm in my highest form. But now.... everything seems so bland, delayed. I don't know what happened, but now this game plays totally different than before :(

02-15-2017, 12:56 PM
Agree 1000% on this, things are very different now, It just feels meh...In OB it was awesome and addictive game...not anymore...atleast for me :-(