View Full Version : Can I get a refund? lol

02-15-2017, 05:57 AM
So...guys...what happened? When I played the closed and open beta my friends and I were pitted in a 3 way war where skill and savagery combined on the battlefield for a glorious victory. At times we failed, and being the gamers we are we would be triggered in the moment, but many times in later discussions, realizing our faults; wanting to unblockable when I should have taken the parry, not engaging the 2v1 because my teammate is about to be dead and then it would just be a 2v1 on me all over again etc etc. After hard fought battle we were awarded weapons, and armor, for us to refine or salvage to better increase our skill, when we had accomplished orders given by our superiors we were awarded currency in which we could spoil ourselves. The gamble was fun, and the fighting was intense. Rarely did I find myself at a thought of disrespect for my opponent, I knew they fought, as did I, and had I died they deserved their victory. Then came February 14, 2017. Well...I got out of work today at 5 and my 3rd game someone had purple gear...I think that should about say it all. Come on, the nerfs and buffs that happened were way too unprofessional for your Ubisoft. Characters have these outrageous reaches and wild lunges from out of battle, parries and blocks aren't connecting that couldn't be anymore accurate. The dmg balance is, well, entirely unbalanced. Then theres 2 of your new Heroes, The Lawbringer who is a hard hybrid yet his combos are as easy as the Kensei, he's able to disable in multiple ways, and his health is 2nd highest, and I mean, really, did the intern make the Shugoki? I don't think he has a single 2 button combo, any move he has is just 2 buttons you have to hit at once and it's an unblockable that takes 1/4 hp and knocks you 30 feet back before he has any gear score. I went from appreciating my wins and respecting/growing from my loses, to being absolutely triggered at nearly every match up....then not to mention you've allowed up to a year of champion status AND the purchase of steel? sure why don't we top off our severely unbalanced game with the ability to buy yourself through it. Very sad at what this game has become...can you just give us the beta again? however you programmed the beta, do that. Beta was your Vanilla/BC WoW and that's...that's kinda sad :(

02-15-2017, 06:00 AM
It was their Vanilla/BC WoW? So it was a poorly made mess with little meaningful content and even less good content that fanboys are going to forever love? I could see it.