View Full Version : Story Mode SUCKS! Ubisoft PLEASE READ THIS

02-15-2017, 05:57 AM
SO. Here's the deal. I'm no longer sugarcoating **** anymore.

Story Mode in this game sucks so much ****, Ubisoft. I listed the problems in a previous post titled "What the hell were you thinking, Ubisoft" but now I feel the need to reinforce this. Story Mode is absolutely garbage. Everything feels so much slower than the open beta, which felt slower than the closed beta. It feels like you're just slowing everything down with each major update. That. Needs to stop.

Story Missions stick you with character locks, where you play as each class. Each one is completely different. SO DIFFERENT, IN FACT, AS SOON AS YOU GET USED TO ONE, THEY MAKE YOU PLAY ANOTHER BECAUSE IT'S AN ENTIRELY NEW "HEY, **** YOU" KIND OF DEAL. Combat is clunky now. Even more so than the open beta and it was a mess even then. Button delay, which I've stated during the open beta, was bad then, NOW it's even worse. I have to mash X (Im on PS4 btw) just to sidestep or roll. R1 doesn't do any action, R2 works but very delayed, Guardbreaking is so delayed that it'll go off, after I've pressed R1 as part of a combo that I use.

The missions that you do, yeah some are easy some are hard. Some feel ridiculous. Like fighting 4 Wardens on a thin bridge as a Raider. Yeah. I'm at that part. And it's taking me maybe 20 minutes for this one part. The "boss" battles. If you die, YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TO RESTART THE WHOLE MISSION OVER AGAIN.. JUST RESTART THE ******* FIGHT. It got to the point where, I died so many times in the "boss" battle, that I just ran through everything doing objectives and not killing anything, which lets me miss out on a ton of XP, breakables, observables, and (what I'm assuming) improving with each class. It got to the point where I just throw everything off ledges, into spikes, into fires, off bridges, because I want to be done with this as quickly as possible and with as little frustration as possible. I love this game, I love playing, it, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE APOLLION'S NARRATIVE HAPPENING WHEN YOU CLICK OBSERVABLES. No joke, those are my favorites. But dammit, Ubisoft, you messed up the story mode to such an extent that you make some players just rush through.

Nobody likes having to adapt to one class, and then immediately being thrown into another. We should be able to choose which classes to choose from for each chapter of the Story. Campaign. Single player. Anal rape. Whatever you wanna call it. Right now it feels like a whole can of "**** you, play this because we said so" just opened up tenfold. If there was a way to fully refund this game, (99.99 USD) you bet your *** I would take it. This is no the same game we were playing two days ago. And it sure isn't as fluent as the closed beta. Players only care about "this is OP nerf it", never paying attention to the REAL issue at hand: THE COMBAT SYSTEM.

My progress in story mode better carry over to one specific character in multiplayer. If it doesn't, oh boy, are we going to have words.

02-15-2017, 06:03 AM
As someone that was able to clear story mode on realistic within around 8 hours of release, I think you just need to practice, man. Yeah, some parts were hard, but that's the nature of it. I didn't have much trouble adjusting to the new characters, and the Samurai chapter is almost all Orochi, with one Kensei mission I believe. Also, story mode progress does not affect multiplayer progress. You have a separate "account level" for story, and you have the levels for each individual characters.

02-15-2017, 06:19 AM
I liked the story mode, finish on realistic with about 8-9 deaths, it's very doable, and I dind't play any caracter other than nobushi in the betas. It's fun, hard and have a great story behind it. The rewards were a bit low, about 5k steel in total, 8 platinum boxes, some colors and othes customization items.

But is true, the game is broken, very diferent from the betas. Hope they can fix it soon.

02-15-2017, 06:24 AM
Only done chapter one but it was fun/interesting.

There is a difficulty slider......