View Full Version : What the hell were you thinking, Ubisoft?

02-15-2017, 04:54 AM
First off, lemme just say a giant "thank you" for this awesome game. Closed and Open betas had their issues but at least it was fun. However, you said to us we'd be able to experience Lawbringer, Shugoki and Valkyrie during the open beta. Problem number one.

Problem number two. I don't know WHAT happened, but everything doesn't feel so amazing as it did two days ago. In literally two days, this game went from "HOH MY GOD I WANT ALL MY FRIENDS TO PLAY THIS" to "..........................no." Classed seem very unbalanced now, even slower than before, and this isn't even Multiplayer.

Problem number three. As for the story mode. THIS **** IS BUGGY. I'm not gonna lie, I suck. I'm playing this on Realistic, which means no UI, no attack indicators or guard locators. And yet I'm still parrying and blocking over 80% of all attacks in this game. Feels great. Until you get to the next thing, which are some of the Story Mode missions. End of the first chapter, is a little ridiculous. And by a little, I mean, I broke one of my headsets out of fury because it was so stupid, so demanding and very time consuming. Within the first 30 seconds the ram was completely destroyed even though the box was orange (your color), area turned grey with nobody around, area turned BLUE while I'm inside the box, enemies were getting stuck INSIDE the ram so I couldn't even kill them. Also. Who puts a mechanic that spawns an unlimited number of wolves that 1, interrupt everything you do, 2, grab you from all corners of the earth, 3, make them UNHITTABLE FOR THE MOST PART, and 4, just all around a nuisance. Currently I'm doing the Viking chapter, and the 2nd "boss" you fight, of course, is a Berserker. Which means, spammable R1/RB/LC attacks. This boss fight is so frustrating and painful because, it's literally the same bot system from the open beta. Once again, bots are able to switch faster than player mechanics even allow.

Problem number four. Combat Camera changing angles to such an extreme, messes up my sight angle. A top heavy looks like a side heavy, a side heavy looks like a top heavy. If you are going to have a mechanic where, when you're parried and hit by a giant shield, that your camera has to change angles to an extreme of THAT level, I'm sorry, that's stupid. That's stupid and you shouldnt even have that happen. It throws everyone off. Seriously.