View Full Version : Secret AI emotes

02-15-2017, 04:14 AM
Soooo. I was doing some 1v1s against the AI. All normal until I noticed that after they win they do different emotes from the ones available. For example, a bot orochi killed me and he did an emote in which he dropped his sword like a microphone. Then I let him kill me again to see if he would do it again, but this time he did a different secret emote in which he swong his sword like a baseball bat. After that I let him kill me one more time and he again did the drop the mic emote with his sword. These two emotes the bot did are not available for purchase (yet, I suppose). My guess is that these are future dlc emotes that are currently on the game files, but not available, and the bots might do them from time to time if they defeat you. Either that or it is an ultimate form of humilation for getting beaten by a bot.